Hard water & Calcium Deposits...GONE!

I see a lot of you coming over from Pinterest, and it is greatly appreciated!  This product really does work on pretty much everything that water has stained.  I have a client that used in on a bath tub ring & it worked great.  I have since had several people order a bottle and they are all happy with it.  If you have any questions or would like to order a bottle, please visit my site or email me at amy(dot)coolidge(at)conklinibo(dot)com

So, I've been on a little hiatus from being a Conklin IBO.  But, I am back at it again.  So if you are interested in anything that I'm going to talk about, please visit my site.

As some of you know, we have a blue bathroom.  Yes, blue.  Everything except the walls.  It's actually an ok shade of blue.  Thank goodness.  But anways, the bathtub faucet has leaked for as long as we have had the house, and I'm sure for years before that.  A few months ago we had a plumber out to fix something else and we had him look at the bathtub faucet to see if he could fix the leak.  Sure enough, it worked!

I don't know how many products I have tried to clean this...

Probably pretty much every cleaning product that says anything about being able to remove calcium deposits, lime scale, hard water, etc.  With a lot of scrubbing and money down the drain, nothing ever worked.  I figured we would just have to end up buying a new bathtub if we ever wanted to use it.

Now that my head is back in the game with being a Conklin IBO, I decided to try their cleaning product that is supposed to work on stuff like this.  I love all the Conklin products that I use regularly, so I was hoping this was going to be the same.

Got my order about a week later, and got started on the bathtub.  Wow, I couldn't believe how it literally dissolved all the crap away.  The directions say to mix it into a gallon of water with different concentrations depending on the severity of the calcium and lime deposits.  It says if it's really bad, just use it full strength, so that's what I did!  Poured it on my scrubber sponge, then wiped it across the area where I was working, then scrubbed like crazy!  Now, this is years of constant water dripping, and where we live, our water is really hard, so all our faucets get like this if I don't wipe them down all the time.  

You ready for the after pictures??

In case you wanted another 'before' picture

Little over half way done

Can you believe it?!?!?

This is the stuff!!
No need to replace the bathtub now!  Even though I wish it was white, this bottle was A LOT cheaper than a new bathtub!

So, if you have any type of mineral deposits on pretty much any surface, you need this stuff!  It is amazing and for a whole quart of it, it only costs $8.80!!  

For the bathtub, at full strength, I probably only used 1/4 of the bottle.  So it only cost me about $2 to have a clean bathtub.  Well worth it!!

Please visit my website and click on the "Shop Online" header on the left hand side. 

All of their cleaners are amazing.  I use the multi-purpose cleaner on everything else & I love it.  One quart is $11.30 and since it is a concentrate, it makes 16 22-oz bottles of cleaner!  

Lets compare Mox® to 409.

409 Cleaner: 32-oz = about $7.00 
Mox® makes 352 oz of cleaner for $11.30

Almost 10X as much cleaner for about $4.00 more.

Conklin is a top of the line company and has so many great products.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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Ioana-Carmen said...

I just love it! Would you like to follow each other on GFC and like on facebook page? Kisses


Ellen said...

Incredible! We, too, have hard water. I have been looking for something to help keep these issues at bay... I'm going to check this one out!
BTW - we are in Modesto. How close are you? ellen.durrer@gmail.com

Dana said...

I still can't get over that bathtub.

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