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So that job that I was head over heels about, yeah, didn't work out.  I really wish it had, but it just wan't the right place to be I guess.  SO, this is what I'm up to now...besides being a housewife.

I am now an Independent Business Owner for a company called Conklin.  I don't know if you have heard of it before, but it's a pretty amazing company.  It is kind of set up like any of the candle and make-up companies.  You know, those pyramid marketing companies that you work for yourself and sell the company's products and then sign people up to sell the products as well.  Now, it's hard to work for a company like this unless you really believe in the products, and I do! 

They have some pretty amazing products.  Their cleaning supplies and laundry detergent are "clean" cleaning products.  They are not full of harsh chemicals or dyes.  I use the laundry detergent and it is amazing.  Any laundry detergent that you buy at the store is full of fillers and biodegradable ingredients like peanuts, rocks, sand etc.  So if you could imagine, that stuff is NOT good for your clothes.  And 4 bottles of the leading laundry detergent does the same amount of loads as one bottle of the laundry detergent from Conklin.  And it's cheaper too!

Conklin also has vehicle products, human health products, and my specialty-animal health products.  They sell a phenomenal line of microbial products, called Fastrack, for both companion animals and all types of livestock.  I can not stress enough the importance of probiotics in your animals life.  Makes a huge difference in the digestibility of their food, the look of the hair, they shed more evenly, they stay on feed during stressful times in their lives and there are so many more benefits.  For those of you that have show animals, whether they are horses, cows, sheep or pigs, Fastrack is what you need to have in your feeding routine.  We use it with our sheep, and it sure keeps them on feed when we are pushing them for fair time.  

Please check out all of Conklin's products on my website at  If you are interested in any of the products, I can get you signed up as a preferred customer for a one time fee of $25, then you will forever receive 20% off all your orders.  It is well worth the $25, most people make the $25 back in their savings within their first 1-2 orders.

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If you are interested in a fun little side job, or full time job, where you can work for yourself and don't have to worry about pleasing a boss, let me know and I can get you started with Conklin.  It really is easy to sell products that are truly amazing.

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Dawson Cattle Company said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog! We use Probiotics on our cattle. Mainly because I know how helpful they are. I myself have had health issues and love the benefits. Take care!

The Coolidges said...

It is amazing how big of a difference they make in livestock...and humans. If you are ever interested in using Fastrack, let me know. I can send you some more detailed information if you would like.

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