On a winning streak!

I have been on another blogging hiatus this past week or so, and I will never not check in on things again!!

Last week, The Wife of a Dairyman was selected to do a giveaway for Boot Barn on their new line of Shyanne boots.  I entered.  Not expecting to win, because I NEVER win anything.  It's the truth!

And holy cow, I got a comment from her this morning say I had won!! She had posted on her blog yesterday morning, and I went a whole day not knowing anything.  Such a tragedy when the boots are as cute as these are.

I have to run to Boot Barn today to make sure I pick the right size and I am still debating between these two styles.  Leave me a comment and let me know which one you would pick!

Black with turquoise

Black w/ red flowers

If you have not already checked out The Wife of A Dairyman , you should!  They are dairy farmers in northern CA with some pretty cute kids.  Seems like they are always doing fun stuff, and she has some great ideas for around the home.

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Ellen said...

Congratulations! I just saw Nancy's post - can't belive I missed the entry post! - and saw that you won! So exciting! I love the turquoise ones, they seem a little more edgy and versatile. Now I've got boot envy, I think I'm going to have to pick a pair to put on my birthday wish list! Enjoy!

Unknown said...

That's exciting!! I love both pair - my first thought is the turquoise pair... super cute! Tho I am super partial to red and black =)

Unknown said...

This is Amanda Reed btw, not sure why it is saying "unknown" =)

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