What's going on outside the house...day 3

Day 1 & day 2 were covered on Monday and Tuesday.


The Vines

They have grown a ton just since the middle of March.  There is a lot of growth in just 3 months!

The berries are just starting to soften...that is a good sign!  So hopefully harvest will be a little earlier this year (weather permitting).  Chris is irrigating at 2 of the 3 ranches this week.  He just got finished discing, furrowing & furtilizing at one place and is moving the tractor & implements over tonight so he can disc, furrow, furtilize & irrigate here this week/weekend.  

We (he) are busy this time of here.  Most people take their vacations in the summer time, but when you are a farmer, that is the busiest time of year, for most anyways.

Hope you all are having a great summer & not burning up to badly.

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Country Gal said...

Yup , I remember when I was a kid on our hobby farm during the summers , all the other kids in the area had a summer vacation I on the other hand helped my parents on the farm but I wouldn't of had or have it any other way . I do miss it all ! have a good day !

Michelle said...

We just have a garden/hobby farm to deal with, so I can't imagine a true farmer's work in the summer!

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