What's going on outside the house...day 2

So yesterday I talked about all the happenings in the garden, check it out here if you missed it.

The Sheep...

It has been a while since I have posted any lamb pictures.  Like several months ago.  Needless to say, they have grown, a lot!

It's funny to me because some people don't realize that small, cute, little baby animals grow up.  The type of sheep we have, all the babies are born black.  The people that live across the street from us asked one day "What did you do with all the babies?"  Ummmm...they are still out here, they just grew up.  It was so hard for them to believe that.  Just kind of funny to me.

Anyways, all of those babies have already either been sold or spoken for.  The ones that we felt were not show quality went to the sales yard, we are keeping 2 ewes as replacements, one was sold as a butcher lamb, we are going to have one butchered to put in our freezer and then the rest have been sold to FFA students who will show them at a few different county fairs in our area.

Our new ram just doing his job.  

This last pictures is of the lambs, they do grow up!  Except for the one we call Shrimpy.  You can see her on the right.  She was born at the end of January and weighed about 2 lbs, I thought she was dead because she was buried in straw.  I saved her from being stepped on, we bottle fed her for a couple of days because she was too short to reach her mom's udder.  She eventually got the hang of it, but never grew quite right.  She is still much shorter than the rest of them, but we are keeping her around for a little longer, just out of curiosity, to see if she will ever grow.

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Michelle said...

I hope Shrimpy does grow a bit!

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