Love me some coupons!

Today starts my quest of completing #57-Blog Monday-Friday for 4 weeks.  We shall see if I can make it.

So, #19 on the list is Start using coupons.  Check!

And let me tell you,  I love coupons.  However, my worst fear came true the other day while checking out at Target.  I had a good stack of coupons, at least one for almost everything in the cart and the check out lady told the lady behind me that it was going to be a little while if she wanted to go to a different line & then she shut off her light.  I was so embarrassed.  Although, she was really nice about it and said that she was a coupon shopper too, but still, doesn't changed the fact that my checkout took 4x longer than normal.  AND I signed up for their Target debit card, so that took a little longer too.  BUT, I did end up saving about $30!  I was so excited!  The trip to Target a couple weeks before that I only saved $10.  So, yay for me.  

I refuse to go to Target at any other time of the day than when they just open because then there are too many people in there and then I'd make a lot of people wait while the clerk is scanning all my coupons.  No thanks, I can feel my face getting red just thinking about it.

Is couponing a lot of work?  Yeah, kind of.  Is it worth it?  I think it absolutely is.

Check out  It's a lady in Southern CA that has basically made couponing her business.  She shows off all the amazing deals and different way to coupon.  It's amazing!

Happy Monday to you all!

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Michelle said...

I just expect coupon users to take more time at the check out!

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