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This Saturday is our 11 month wedding anniversary.  Since our engagement was so short, I was trying to look for a picture that was taken on April 14th of last year just to see what we were doing one month before our wedding.  Oddly enough, I didn't have a picture on the 14th.  The pictures shortly before and after that date consist of planting flowers in front of the house & having a cocktail...or the Ag Booster fundraiser that we helped with.  The cocktail was exactly 14 days before the wedding.  It was well worth the money spent :)

I also came across some pictures of DJ on April 12th.  A year ago today.  So funny to see the changes in him.  We see him at least once a week, so the changes aren't really noticeable, or we don't really pay attention to the changes, but when you look back at older pictures, the changes are really noticeable!

This picture was taken one year ago, today.

This picture was taken two days ago.  He was being silly when we were at JC Penny's looking for a new shirt & tie for Chris's class reunion this Saturday.

We think he was going for the toothless, old man look.  What do you think?

You can definitely still see the same kid, but the chubby cheeks have slimmed down, he's grown like a foot, & he has a big boy hair cut.

We love this kid & his little sister and she is a spitting image of him when he was that little.

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