Everything is growing!

Ok, well this was scheduled to post yesterday and didn't.  Can't figure out why.  But it was scheduled, so I'm still counting that as a post for Tuesday so I am still on track to cross off another item on the list. :)


The seeds are looking pretty good.  Most of them have germinated and made their way through the soil.  The tomatoes, jalepenos and okra still haven't made their way through.  Hopefully they will this week with the temps going to be in the 80's!!




Since we have such a long warm season, the garden lasts a long time.  These are all the first round of starts, I need to get started on the second round so we have have fresh, summer vegetables all the way into October.

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Sarah said...

I had a blog post that was supposed to post on Friday but never did - irritating!

We are getting ready to plant too! We usually plant corn right in the ground but the tomatoes are ready to go (we bought plants this year)! Can't wait for the summer produce!

The Coolidges said...

Sarah, we bought starts last year of about 1/2 the garden, but those things are so expensive compared to seeds. With the size that I wanted to go this year, it was just so much cheaper to go with seeds. But I do love those starts! For some reason my tomato seeds just aren't taking off yet.

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