New Years Resolutions...Not for me.

So I've tried to do the whole "New Years Resolution" thing and it just doesn't work for me.  I give up about 5 days into the year, and it usually doesn't get accomplished.  Or I do, do it and never think twice about it.

I am VERY much a list person.  I love making lists and crossing things off.  I will even add stuff to a list after I've done it, just so I can cross it off!  Lame? Maybe. But I like to do it.

So this year, I've been seen a lot of stuff about this 101 things in 1001 days, and I decided to give it a try.  I've spent the past week or so working on my list.  I didn't think that it would be that difficult to come up with 101 things, but holy crap, it isn't an easy task.  So, here is my list.  If you can help in any way, shape or form, I would love the help!  I will blog about things that I will be crossing off the list.  There are some that will be done relatively quickly and some that are long term goals.

Here goes...

  1.     Organize everything in the pantry and label appropriate containers
  2.     Gain 5 new reoccurring customers through my Conklin business
  3.     Put up curtains in our bedroom
  4.     Put up curtains in the office
  5.     Refinish all the kitchen cabinets (a DIY project)
  6.     Go fishing with Chris
  7.     Replace all the windows in the house
  8.     Sweep or vacuum all the floors in the house every Monday for 1 month
  9.     Get the barn cleaned out and useable
  10. Plant pastures
  11. Build fences for the sheep pens
  12. Go on a 2 night vacation at the coast with Chris
  13. Go to Saddlebag
  14. Find matching couch covers for both couches
  15. Take a multivitamin everyday for one month
  16. Learn how to use iCloud and use it
  17. Get pregnant
  18. Reach 50 blog followers
  19. Start using coupons
  20. Complete all the laundry once a week for a month (wash, fold & put away!)
  21. Organize iPhoto on my computer
  22. Go to a national livestock show
  23. Consign our sheep at a sale
  24. Visit a state I’ve never been to
  25. Clean out all the crap being stored in the office
  26. Sell 100 rabbits (explanation coming on that soon)
  27. Do something nice for Chris everyday for 2 weeks
  28. Make it all the way through my 3 month work-out program
  29. Take Chris to The River
  30. Turn the spare bedroom into a nursery
  31. Have our giant wedding picture framed
  32. Go duck hunting again, and be successful
  33. Go dove hunting again, and be successful
  34. Have the wall fixed in the dining room
  35. Paint the kitchen
  36. Paint the dining room
  37. Replace light fixtures in kitchen
  38. Decorate the front bathroom
  39. Have a baby
  40. Send flowers to a friend
  41. Spend at least 4 consecutive hours outside in one day
  42. Buy an iPad
  43. Visit 5 local restaurants we’ve never been to
  44. Learn to cook 10 new meals
  45. Be able to do 50 pushups
  46. Buy a new TV
  47. Get a hot rock massage
  48. Sell my car
  49. Plant a winter garden
  50. Plant a lemon tree
  51. Go camping
  52. Buy more ewes from Fresno State
  53. Have date night once a week for a month
  54. Buy a new (to us) vehicle
  55. Get all birthday dates for family and close friends
  56. Send birthday cards to each of the family members & friends
  57. Blog Monday-Friday for 4 weeks
  58. Unsubscribe myself to all the emails I get from stores I never shop at
  59. Finish making the curtains for the dining room and kitchen
  60. Go to Yellowstone
  61. Teach Caylob 5 signs
  62. Make the office an organized place to work
  63. Convince Chris to get a massage from Tami
  64. Do a devotional 5 days a week for a month
  65. Get up before 7 for two weeks straight (not including weekends)
  66. Reach 100 blog posts
  67. Reach 100 blog followers
  68. Find either vertical blinds or curtains for the sliding glass door in the dining room
  69. Watch 3 “man” movies with Chris
  70. Put $10 away for each item on this list that is completed (use money to go on vacation   with Chris)
  71. Buy a stand up/chest freezer for all our butchered meat
  72. Buy the 2nd Pioneer Woman Cookbook
  73. Buy the Pioneer Woman’s children’s book for the nephews
  74. Buy a sewing machine
  75. Get a flag and holder for the front of our house
  76. Have the outside of our house painted
  77. Cull 5 ewes that aren’t producing like they should
  78. Make a compost tumbler
  79. Get a manicure every other week for 2 months
  80. Remove the giant juniper pile from in front of the house
  81. Juice (and drink) daily for 2 weeks
  82. Blog an informative agricultural post once a week for 2 months
  83. Make jam from fruit that I grew
  84. Use the crock pot 2x/week for a month
  85. Get rid of car payment
  86. Get the internet to work correctly on my laptop
  87. Refinish small dresser
  88. Plant summer garden
  89. Buy Leah’s new children’s book (link coming soon)
  90. Put up bookshelves in the office
  91. Get Mallie’s hips and eyes checked
  92. Breed Mallie (if hips & eyes are ok)
  93. Throw a party
  94. Clean clothes out of my closet that I don’t wear anymore
  95. Memorize 1 verse a week for two months
  96. Add some colors to the walls in the office
  97. Learn 10 new meals
  98. Keep the house clutter free for 2 weeks
  99. Plant more flowers in the front
  100.  Sell 100 more rabbits
  101.  Complete at least 80% of this list

Well, there it is.  On October 4, 2014, I'm hoping to have at least 80% of this list completed, if not all of it.

Keep me on it.  Don't let me forget about it.  Lots of stuff to do, but I'm excited. 

I challenge you to make you own 101 in 1001.  It's a pretty big task, but it will be fun to track your accomplishments!

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Dawson Cattle Company said...

I love lists too. It's the only way I can remember things sometimes! haha. have a great week and good luck with this list.

Dawson Cattle Company said...

stop by the blog sometime, i tagged you in my 11 post. its a lot of fun!

Dawson Cattle Company said...

Congratulations! you have been given an award. stop by my blog to check it out.

Unknown said...

I love this Amy!! #13 is on my list as well!! I've been telling my fiance all about it and I really want to show him where I worked. =)

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