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So I've been thinking lately about how I'm going to label the things in the garden.  I didn't do it last year and I had no Idea when kind of squash was what until the actual squash started growing.  Not that big of a deal, but I like to know what's what.

So I finally decided that paint sticks from Home Depot would be the best thing.  Now, I just had to go in and get 20 paint sticks.  I didn't want to just go in and grab a bunch and walk out without buying anything.  Ended up buying some tomato stakes.  Or whatever those things are called.  You know, the round things you put in the ground for your tomatoes to grow up?  Yeah, those.

I walked up to the paint counter and noticed a bunch of them just sitting in a paint can on the counter.  The clerk was helping someone else, so I saw that as my opportunity to take them.  Yes, they are FREE, but you feel kind of stupid going up to the counter and asking for 25 paint sticks.  I wanted all of the ones in the paint can, but I ended up leaving a few there.  I brought 18 home.  So not too shabby.

I need a few more, but it's much easier to ask for 5 instead of 25 :)

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Country Gal said...

Thats a good idea , hope you used water proof permamarker for the names . I did something simular years ago and didnt use permamarker and the names washed off in the rain lol and that was the end of that . Have a good day !

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