That darn Agriculture.

This past week, Yahoo! wrote an article about the Top 5 most useless majors.  Just another reason to hate Yahoo.  Here is the list.

1. Agriculture
2. Fashion Design
3. Theater
4. Animal Science
5. Horticulture

Absolutely unreal.  Three out of five are agriculture fields.  I don't understand how Animal Science and Horticulture are categorized under agriculture.  I'm sure there are more useless degrees like Women's Studies or Basket Weaving or something.

I just don't understand how agriculture can be in the same category as theater and fashion design.  Pretty sure we don't need theater and fashion design to survive.  How can something be useless that this whole universe depends on?  Who needs to eat or drink??  Who needs to clothe themselves?? 

Yahoo really screwed this one up.  It is all over Facebook, and within hours of the article coming out, there was a fan page of "I Studied Agriculture & I have a Job".  As of tonight there are 4,255 likes, only a few days after the article was published.  

I graduated almost 2 years ago with a BS in Animal Science--Livestock Business Management.  I don't know a single friend of mine that graduated with an ag degree that doesn't have a job right now.  I had 2 different ag jobs during my 4 years of college.  I am currently unemployed by choice because I do things around our farm...things that I learned how to do in college.  Imagine that.  Being able to apply what you learned in school in real life situations.  How do you do that with a Theater major??  

I am just so perturbed by this.  Go and read the article.  Be pissed with me.  

Next time you eat a meal, put your jeans on or just take a breath, think about people that work all. the. time. to make sure you have: food to put in your mouth, clothes to put on your body, flowers to put in your yard, wood to build your home, the knowledge to make your dog feel better, and the list just goes on and on.

So, to the people that work at Yahoo, please do not partake in anything that has to do with agriculture and see how long you survive.  Good luck with that.  

And for anyone else that doesn't get just as pissed as me after reading this article...kiss my - - -.  

Heres to AGRICULTURE, the world couldn't survive without it.  

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Anonymous said...

This makes me mad, lets see all the yahoo people go without agriculture for a week,hmm they would be real real hungry and naked. This makes me so mad,people who lived the greatest life in the world that are lucky enough to be called aggies, should wrtie Yahoo and tell them to,well I can't think of something. Their are a very few professions that people still trust and one of them is the farmer.

tmcrm said...

I definitely agree with both of you ag is what drives our nation, especially California. I graduated with a degree in agriculture and to tell you truthfully I think this author worded it incorrectly. Instead Of saying useless, he probably should of said least demanding majors. Ag/animal science is still what drives our nation, but with the development of new technologies less workers are needed therefore making our majors "useless" as far as industry standards are concerned. I'm glad this article is getting lots of attention, as it should. After all, if it weren't for agriculture I wouldn't have a full belly right now. =]

Kassi at Truly Lovely said...

You said it girlie! They should be ashamed! Apparently someone needs to send Yahoo an article or two on where their food comes from... and their clothing!!! I have a BS in Agriculture in Agribusiness and an MBA in Agribusiness. I HAVE A JOB! Sheesh...

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