#3 & #65 CHECK!

I can cross #3 off my list.  Chris's mom bought us curtains for our bedroom & office for my birthday/Christmas present.  A couple weeks ago, my mom & I made a trip to Ikea in Sacramento because I couldn't find any curtains that I really liked here where we live.  Found ones that I love for both rooms.  Haven't got the ones up in the office yet, but our bedroom is finished! :)

#65 was to get up before 7 every day for 2 weeks.  Ugh...done.  And not only is this my routine for the weekdays when I have Caylob, but for the weekends too.  Now for anyone that knows me, knows that I am NOT a morning person.  Probably the farthest thing from it.  Once I'm actually up out of bed I'm fine, but it's getting out of bed that's the problem.  I'm the type of person that will push the snooze button for an hour if I can get away with it.

12 of these things are what's making me get up early in the mornings.  We are raising some baby goats for a few months then going to sell them.  However, they all take a bottle.  One at a time.  They get fed 3 times a day.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy this.  I was the one that wanted to really do it.  I would just like it better if they could eat at 9:30 am on the weekends instead of 7 :)

#18 is to reach 50 blog followers.  So if you're reading and not a follower, click the link on the right side.  


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Country Gal said...

I was raised on a hobby farm with chickens, geese,sheep,cattle,horses cats,dogs and rabbits and I had to get up every morning including weekends at 6am to help my dad with the animlas. It was tuff then. I dont think I could do it now all though our cat and dog get me up at 7 am every morning lol . Have a good day and good luck with the kids lol !

Dawson Cattle Company said...

love the curtains, and those little baby goats are too cute! have a great week.

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