Baby Caylob

A few weeks ago, Chris's cousin and I started discussing the possibility of me watching their little boy 4 days a week.  It ended up working out for both of us, and our families, so today was the first day our our new adventure.

Caylob is his name and he turned 1 last November.

He's pretty darn cute, and I'm glad this worked out.

I won at nap time :)

What else do you do when it's milking time?  Haul out the car seat so he can hang out while I do the milking.  He was yelling at the baby lambs as they were running around in the other pen.
Now this video is quite hilarious.  A new sleeping place for a baby is tough.  For anyone really.  So I laid him in the pack 'n' play and sat on the edge of our spare bed in silence.  If I walked out of the room he would lose it.  He sat up and I just quietly sat there to see what he would do.  This is what started happening at about the 10 minute mark.  It was hard not to laugh.

He is so sweet! :)

Ok...fine the video won't upload. Maybe some other time.

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Country Whispers said...

I can remember hauling my kids around in their car seat all the time whether it be while we went outside to do something or even while I attempted to take a quick shower. It worked great for a while.
Then they got old enough to walk and protest the carseat!
Enjoy it while it lasts.

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