Good-bye goats

So much for these stupid baby goats.  We got talked into this deal by one of Chris's good friends: "Oh you can make a few hundred dollars...It's easy to do...All you have to do is bottle feed these goats for a few months"...blah blah-baddy blah blah blah.  

Baby goats suck!  That is said in the nicest way possible.  Cute? Absolutely!  A good learning experience? Uh huh!  Something that we're going to do again? H-E-double hockey sticks NO!!

I'm not going to go into details because I don't want people to get the idea that we don't take care of our livestock.  We do, 100% & that's why we had to get rid of them ASAP.  Whatever they had, we couldn't risk all of our sheep getting sick.  The sheep are our business, can't risk losing 20 babies & 15 ewes.

So that's that.  The goats spent 5 days at our place.  I wish we still had them, I miss taking care of them, but the extra couple hundred bucks just wasn't worth the risk.

Kinda bummed about the whole experience, but I'll find something else to do on the side. 

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Dawson Cattle Company said...

aww, theres all kinds of other critters to get! you gave it a good try and thats what counts! hae a good day!

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