Sweet, Sweet Baby

A few months ago, I showed you an ultrasound picture of our nephew that was due to be born in November.  Well, he has arrived!  My sister went into labor on Halloween, in the afternoon, and was determined to not have that baby on Halloween.  She claimed it was a lame birthday.  So her and the Dr.'s worked together to deliver that baby at the strike of midnight.  So he has a cool birthday of 11/1/11.  I love this little boy so much already and I haven't even had the chance to meet him yet.  My sister and her family live in AZ, but we will be heading there for Thanksgiving in a few weeks.

Introducing...Sawyer William DeZago
7 lbs 12 oz, 19.75 inches long & 15 days early

I am just amazed at how similar he looks to Greyson when he was born.  This is Greyson right after he was born.

So proud of my sister and I just have to say they have the cutest little boys.  
Can't wait to meet you Sawyer!!

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Dawson Cattle Company said...

awww! i love babies and their squishiness.. i miss my babes being this small. but they still let me squish them sometimes. Congratulations!

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