Handy-man? Nope, Handy-woman!

Well, part of buying an older home with a lot of 'originals' is that some are easy to replace and some, not so much.  This was an easy one.

About a month before our wedding, our friends/Chris's former employer/our vet gave us an extra shower head (a new one) that they had from when they remodeled their bathroom.  It has been sitting in our cupboard for a while and I totally forgot about it until our trip to AZ last week.  AZ has some crazy water conservation laws, and the shower head that is in my sister's new home is...well...very low flow.  And with my incredibly thick, curly hair, it took a while to even get it wet.  This reminded me that we had a brand new shower head sitting in our bathroom cupboard that hadn't been installed yet.  I decided that that was going to be my project for Monday.

Old showerhead...

Typical shower head.  Flow and pressure was decent, but it was old and we have really hard water out here so it was all corroded. 

Now, I've never done any type of plumbing work by myself, so I was just hoping for the best.  

This is what I ended up with...

Then of course I had to take a shower that afternoon to try it out.  

Quite wonderful!!

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Andrea @ Frugally Sustainable said...

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Andrea @ Frugally Sustainable
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erindezago said...

Amy! I wish you would have said something while you were here. The low-flow has nothing to do with water conservation laws, Mari installed her "new-and-improved" shower head while she was here. She said it was low-flow but also said it was "much better" than the head that was on there before. Dang. Replacing BOTH shower heads is now on my to-do list. Sorry!

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