Boys will be boys

So, you see.  There are these two little boys that absolutely melt our hearts.  One of them belongs to my sister, Erin (and my brother-in-law) and the other belongs to our good friends, the Knights.  Chris grew up with the Knights and they have taken me in like family.  Each of these families have a little boy that is so special to us.  And funny enough, they are both pregnant again.  Erin is due in November and Jamie in December.

See, my sister lives in AZ.  Sadly, they are 10 hours from our house so we don't get to see them nearly as much as we would like.  So the time that we do have together is always fun.  And thank goodness for video chat and iPhones!!  Here are some fun pics of Greyson.


No matter the price, this kid needed a FSU sweatshirt!!
And now:

This kid loves his momma's sunglasses

Our good friends, the Knights, live straight across from us on the next block.  When the vines are not so big and bushy, we can literally see their house from our front door.  They come over quite often and we love having them here.  DJ and his dad came over tonight to help Chris build a gate for the sheep pen, so DJ and I hung out up by the house, and as you can see he enjoyed playing in the make-shift pool.  


And now:

Making cookies when he spent the night a couple weekends ago

Having fun with the settings on my camera

He was having so much fun.  Amazing what a little rubbermaid & water can do.

Here they both are in their wedding attire

And Sawyer William, we can't wait to meet you!!

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