Incoming Storm

There is a storm rolling into our part of CA.  Tonight we were on our way to town to get some stuff from Home Depot and the sun light was peaking through the clouds right before it got dark.  It was pretty neat looking.  I wish I had had my other camera with me instead of just my phone. 

There is big irrigation pond on the way to town and the sun was reflecting on the water.  We stopped and just looked at it.  So quiet and peaceful.

I'm pretty excited about tomorrow.  My dad and I are building something that I've wanted for a long time.  Since my mom is in AZ with my sister and my hubby will be hunting tomorrow, my dad and I are are going to get 'crafty'.  Except it's going to be with a saw, a hammer, barn wood and a bunch of nails.  I'll take pictures along the way so you can see what we are doing.  It's gonna be great!

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JMF said...

I checked my blog this morning and see I have a new!!!. Your stories about your sheep bring back memories we used to have about 150 ewes when the kids were growing up. It was nice they could help with them! Now our kids are grown, married and we have 7 grandchildren. Our youngest son and his wife ranch with us. So now our days are filled with caring for cows and calves. Thanks for taking time to read my blog:)

Country Gal said...

Still nice photos even if they were with your camera phone ! Thats what Papa is doing right now in his wood work shop building things , me I just finished making home made beef stew and its a brewin in the slow cooker. Cant wait to see what you and your dad are makin. Have a wonderful day !

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