Oh Pinterest...

I am probably the least crafty person you will ever know.  Sometimes if I see something, I can recreate it.  Sometimes.  But I can never just pull an idea out of my butt and turn that idea into something cool.  Now, my sister is miss crafty.  And thank goodness she is because if I just keep pinning stuff on Pinterest that I want, then maybe she'll keep making stuff for me.  K, Erin?  

While we were in AZ I was given my birthday presents early, so we could celebrate as a family.  A few weeks ago, I repinned something off of my sister's board, onto mine and she noticed.  Like I said before, if I just keep doing this, maybe I'll get the same result :)

This is what I pinned.

And this is what Erin made me

I l.o.v.e. it!  We hung it in our entry way and it looks awesome.  

Since we are on a tight budget this holiday season, we are a little short on Christmas decor.  I saw this wreath on Pinterest the other day.  Couldn't count on Erin to make it for me since we won't see them till after Christmas. :) So I headed to the lovely Dollar Store yesterday and bought the supplies.  Lots and lots of Christmas ball ornaments.  Big ones, small ones, glittery ones and ones that jingle.

I picked up our friend's little boy from day care today and when we came back to the house, I decided I wanted to work on my project.  I opened the trunk of my car to get the supplies out and DJ yells, 'CHRISTMAS!'  I wish you could have heard it.  It was adorable.

Here's my little helper

He kept putting the balls back in the plastic containers them dumping them out and saying "Christmas, Christmas trees."  I love him.  

The beginnings of my project.

And the finished product!

I knew I never should have joined Pinterest.  I'm hooked.  

4 Notes:

Cris said...

Don't ya just love Pinterest?!? I love it because I actually do the things I see on there! LOVE the wreath!

Penny said...

I think I pinned that same wreath! Love the one you made. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be back to spend some more time here. Love your site.

Country Gal said...

You'll be glad to know your not alone in the craft department I am the same ! But from what I see here ya have done a great job and your helper is a cutie ! Have a wonderful day !

erindezago said...

Amy! You are crafty! Turned out great :) I check your pin boards for more ideas for Christmas gifts ;)

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