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I know, I know, it's been over a week.  I get anxious when blogs that I read are not updated regularly, and here I am, MIA for almost 2 weeks.  First excuse: last week I had THE worst case of strep throat I've ever had.  I missed 3 days of work which is unusual for me since the load is so big when I go back.  Second excuse: we've been just plain busy!

I'm dedicating this post to my hard working hubby.  Along with working full time for a large turkey raising company, he also farms 50 acres of grapes, grown for raisins.  One night last week, he went outside to unhook the disc off the tractor and hook up the sprayer so it would be ready for the morning.  I heard the tractor start up and then heard it off in the distance, so I went out to see what he was up to.  This is what I found:

Sorry the pictures are so blurry, I was standing behind all the shop using my giant zoom, because of all the dust.  If you remember this picture a few weeks ago, you'll recognize what is going on here.  After discing in front of the barn and making sure he didn't run over any valves, he then went and hooked up the sprayer.

And the 90% finished product...

Sooooo much better!  Just a few pole weeds that need to be knocked down with a shovel because they are too close to the water pipe or the fence posts.

Now if we can just get the barn cleaned out.

Still taking volunteers!!

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