Summa Time!

Lots going on around here.  Getting closer to harvest time so Chris is getting busier.  One more round of water to put on all 3 properties then we just wait for the sugar to set it and pray it doesn't rain.  The crops are about 10 days behind this year due to the late start of summer, pushing harvest into mid September-ish.  While the rest of the world is ready for cool weather and rain by then, we are praying for mid 90's, a slight breeze and NO rain!  Yes, crop insurance is something we have to fall back on, however who wants to see all the hard work from the past 10 months go in the garbage...literally.  Definitely not me, because then I'd have to console a VERY grouchy hubby. 

The other night a friend of ours came over to have dinner and to show us their new car.  After showing me the inside she asked if I wanted to take it for a spin...of course!!  So I was gonna run back inside to lock the front door since Chris was feeding...ran up to the front door, went to grab the handle and SCREAMED!!  Thank God I stopped before I touched anything, because this is what I found:

I just stood there and screamed.  I was locked out of my house.  Didn't have my keys and the back door was locked and I definitely didn't have any way of getting IN the front door.  I can handle a lot of things, but snakes are not my thing.  And this guy was probably 2 1/2 feed long.  I could be exagerating a little bit, but probably not.  UGH.  He finally tried to slither up the window but fell off.  Slithered back up the bricks and into a hole that goes under the house.  If that snake ever attempts to do that again, he might will be meeting the end of my shovel.

And then our backyard has about a million of these.  Love them!!

Happy summer time!  Start praying now for no rain in September and October.  It's greatly appreciated!

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