What's next?

The barn & weed patch/pasture are the next big project at our place.

So when you have a free moment, you are more than welcome to bring a hoe & a shovel and get started!  The area around our barn is about an acre of our property.  All the weeds will get disced under and we will stretch out fences to make the area into 3-4 pastures for the sheep.  As for the contents in the barn, it is going to require a large dumpster.  The previous renters and owner used it as a place to throw their garbage, needless to say we have A LOT of cleaning up to do. 

We are taking volunteers.

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Randi said...

OMGosh I love the barn! So are you renting or own? I'm loving the blog ... so good to read and see what you're up to! You could throw some seriously fun parties in that barn ... unless you are practical and use it for animals - haha :) I'm no farmer, so when I see a barn, I think about weddings and parties and such. People get married in barns, right? Haha.

The Coolidges said...

Thanks Randi! I love reading your blog too! The house is ours to keep :) We will be using the barn for animals, but we will have some parties out at our place to...just maybe not in the barn :)

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