THE Pictures!!

Well folks, 8 hours with Jocelyn apparently gives you 925 pictures.  Absolutely amazing!!  Like I've said before, we could not have asked for a better photographer.  Not only did she capture our moods and emotions, she caught all the little stuff too.  It has taken me a few weeks to sift through them all and I have chosen just a few for you to look at.  Ok, well...567 to be exact at  Please don't feel like you have to look at them ALL.  It was just the easiest way to share them with our family and closest friends without everyone having to come over and look at them on my computer.  Enjoy!!

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erindezago said...

I just looked at them all last night, and I LOVE them! She did a really great job and it is going to be hard to narrow them down to just a few!

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