She's gettin' (partially) fixed!


I love this truck for many reasons:

- It was the first vehicle decision I made all on my own
- My grandma helped me purchase it (against my will, that's just the way she is :))
- I bought it before I even met my hubby
- It's big, it's diesel and 4-wheel drive...everything I wanted when I was 20.

It ran great for a little while.  Then little things started happening.  Totally normal for a '97 with 175,000 miles on it.

We had just gotten it out of the shop a couple months ago and a couple days after that, something happened with the brakes and you couldn't hardly even push the peddle down.  No bueno.  So there it sat.  On the side of the house not being used.  We had just bought a stack of hay and had corn in bulk, so we really didn't need it to pick up any feed and it's our 3rd vehicle, so neither of us needed it on a daily basis.

Yesterday when we picked up my car from the shop from getting its brakes checked, the owner is a friend of Chris's, and he runs a towing business as well.  I told him to come pick up the truck when he had time because I'm tired of it sitting on the side of the house not being used.

There it goes.  My baby.  Should have it back by next week.

Then we have to take it to a dealership, because there is one more thing going on that no one can figure out.

We've thought about selling it, but you can't sell a vehicle that doesn't work properly, and so we have to get it fixed, but once we get it fixed, we might as well keep it because we DO need a truck.

Clear? :)

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Country Gal said...

Hope you can get her all fixed up ! Have a good day !

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