Just want to kill her...kidding...kind of

So I went out to our freezer in the garage today to pull out some hamburger for dinner.  I try not to go into the back yard unless I have to.  It just makes me depressed.  When I spend time outside, it's usually either in the front yard or out behind the backyard.

I know this has been going on for a while, and there was no stopping it.  Our dog, Mallie, is relentless.  She. Ruins. EVERYTHING.  

A couple weeks ago she decided that it would be totally fun to rip up our entire sprinkler system in the back yard.  She figured out where all the pipes ran underground and dug them up and used her mouth to rip everything out of the ground.  I literally watched her do this.  Damn dog.

Don't let her "Oh crap, you caught me.  I'm really really sorry, I'll never do anything like this again!" look fool you.  She just didn't like me capturing evidence that she is a pain in the you know what.

Luckily we already had plans of having our backyard redone.  We traded some livestock for a backyard remodel.  

Now I'm just wondering if we should wait a little longer on that deal.

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