Nothing like a train through your backyard

So, many of you have probably heard about the high speed rail coming to good ol' California.

Last week we got a letter in the mail from an attorney that was advertising their services to help us get our property appraised before the High Speed Rail Authority comes at us.  We haven't had any 'official' documents sent to us saying that they are for sure going to take our home and our land, but we are always getting information flyers about the HSR  I know we are extremely close to the boundary line, if not within it.  In the past our place has been on lists that show properties that they are taking and then the next one we get we are safe.  It keeps changing every other week.

I tried to do some research this morning on the current standings and there really is no good information out there.  All the newspapers are just opinions and he said she said crap and the HSRA website really doesn't have a whole lot of updated information.  I think they are keeping us all in the dark as much as possible so there is less to fight against.  However, the number of people sueing the HSRA is huge, which is just continuing to set back the date when they would like to break ground. 

So I guess we'll find out if they are taking out place when the show up with a million dollar offer. Hah.

Our only hope is that IF they do decide they want our place...lets just hope they take the whole 10 acres and not the back 100 feet or something stupid.  We are pretty darn close to the tracks that they are going to build it along, so I have a feeling, we are in for some trouble.

No matter where we stand on the list of victims, it doesn't change the fact that this stupid thing is going to take thousands and thousands of acres of agriculture land.  I don't see how that is beneficial since CA is THE largest producer of food in the nation.

So I leave you with this.  It pretty much sums up the feels of every single farmer in CA...and a alot of other people that actually have some common sense.  

If you think this whole high speed rail boondoggle is a great idea, I'd love to hear why exactly you think removing thousands of acres of food producing land is a good idea.  

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tcroom said...

Wow friend! I didn't think you were that close to those boundary lines. I think the train is a horrible plan as well. Why take away good producing land for benefit of a corporation just out to make money. I will be praying for you and your household!

Country Gal said...

I didn't know of this till now . Oh my that's awful. Don't they by law have to pay you to get your land and you have rights whether to sell or not they can't just turf you off your land if you own it . At least they cant here ! I do hope it all works out in you and the communities favor !

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