It's been a while

Ok, so it's been almost 2 weeks since I blogged last.  Sorry.  I know I have been taking pictures with an intent to blog them.  I will probably still get there.

We have been super busy lately.  Harvest will happen in about a month from now, maybe less.  We have started showmanship practices with the local high school, so that is taking up 1-2 night a week.  We have some fundraisers and functions coming up with the Ag Boosters, so that is taking up even more time.

I promise, I will get to the pictures soon, they will be a little outdated, but better late than never.

Love me some new boots!!

So a few weeks ago I posted about my recent SCORE on a giveaway that I entered.  It took about a week to get everything settled with the rep from Boot Barn through emailing back and forth.  I had to give her my first choice (black & teal) and a second choice (brown & teal), just in case my first choice wasn't available.  She was nothing but pleasant to deal with.  Props to Boot Barn for hiring quality people!  I knew I loved that company for a reason.

Anyways, in the final email she sent me she told me it was going to be 4-6 weeks before they arrived.  I was totally fine with that, after all they are free, so no complaints here!

I got an email 2 days ago saying that my boots had been shipped.  I was shocked that it happened so fast.

And look what came in the mail today!

Can you tell I'm excited?? We are going to an informal wedding tomorrow and I have the perfect shirt to match!

Thank you to Boot Barn for providing fun boots that us aggies can wear outside the barn!  Check out the Shyanne line of boots if you want some super cute ones too!!

Camping Trip & an early birthday

Last week my parents met up with my sister's family for a camping trip in the high sierras.  They were expecting me to come up for the day on Saturday, but I surprised them and showed up Friday evening.  

Greyson's birthday is on July 17th, and there is no way I'm going to be able to make it to Arizona for his birthday, so I decided to give him his presents early.  They had just started making dinner when I got there on Friday, so I grabbed his box out of the car.

An airplane that you can take apart & put back together with a play cordless drill or a 'blue machine' like he likes to call it.

Watching his brother open gifts

Harold the helicopter

That night we sat around the campfire & enjoyed each other's company.  And of course we had to have s'mores.

Making breakfast the next morning (dad, dan & erin)

Waiting for his breakfast
You see, there is this place called Saddlebag Lake Resort.  (check them out!!) The word 'resort' is used very loosely here!  Pretty sure we went up there almost every summer while my sister and I were growing up.  Sometime while we were growing up, good friends of our family's bought the 'resort' and they hire high school & college students every summer to help run the place.  So my sister and I have both worked up there for a summer or two at some point.  I was talking to the owner on saturday and we were trying to figure out how long it had been since I worked up there.  The summer of 2003 & 2005.  9 & 7 years ago.  Wow, doesn't seem like it was that long ago at all!

Greyson had his first boat ride across the lake.  The owner took us to the back of the lake so we could fish off the bank.  Greyson had helped my dad catch 2 fish out of the stream the night before and he kept saying "We are going to catch a big fish!" 

Well...we didn't catch any fish.  Dang.  But it was still great to be up there!

You can barely see the 'resort' on the side of the hill.  A cafe & and bate shop. :)

Greyson was stripping the line in on my fly rod.  "Look, I'm fishing!"

Looking towards the front with Mt. Dana in the background.
It was a quick trip.  4 hours there and 4 hours back and I was there for about 22 hours.  I wish I could have stayed up there longer, but I had to get home.  In order to get up there, I had to drive through Yosemite National Park.  It is beautiful this time of year!!

Our poor baby

Well just last week I wrote about how well Mallie was doing last week. 

That was Friday.

When we got up Monday morning, we noticed that she hadn't eaten her food from Sunday.  Not super unusual for her so we didn't think anything of it.  Monday night, still hadn't eaten, so Chris dumped it out and put fresh food in it.  Tuesday morning, it was still in there.  So Chris dumped it out again, and added some water to it thinking maybe it had dried out.  Still not interested.  At this point, we are thinking something is wrong with the food.

Our vet is a good friend of ours and helps us out a ton with our sheep stuff so she came over Tuesday afternoon.  Checked her vitals, everything looked great.  I had made some chicken the day before so she asked if she could have a little piece to see if Mallie would eat it.  She hesitated a little bit, but then ate it right up.  So we figured it was the dog food.  At this point she had been acting pretty close to normal.  A little later in the afternoon she started acting depressed.  That evening we were going to go to Wa* Mar* to get another bag of dog food, but by dinner time she was really lethargic and wasn't moving very quickly.  We tried to get her to eat some more chicken but she just spit it out.  About two hours later, we couldn't hardly get her to get up when we called her.

Oh boy.  

We were looking on the internet and trying to decide if we should take her in to the Pet ER clinic.  Most of the things we saw online pointed to Parvo.  She had been sufficiently vaccinated several months ago, but evidently it's still possible for dogs to contract.  So we left for the ER.

Got there, checked her vitals, all normal.  Decided to start with a Parvo test and sure enough,  Parvo it was.  Dang.  Vet suggested that they keep her because if we take her home there was only about a 40% chance of her surviving because the main cause of death is dehydration because they get scours real bad.  If she stayed she had over a 90% chance of survival.  IV fluids were needed.  We totally get that scours is a scary thing.  Been there, done that with sheep and cattle and we never put them in a vet hospital for 48 hours.  However, this is our baby, and we just couldn't risk it.  

(Not saying that we don't treat our livestock with IV fluids, if needed, just not at the cost that we paid for our dog)

48 hours later, we have a pretty happy puppy back in our back yard.  Thank goodness.  Still need to watch for signs of dehydration over the next few days, but she seems to be doing pretty good.

One of the things I hair!  Notice the towels all over my car. :)

Parvo is a scary and dangerous virus!  Make sure you get yours vaccinated when they should be.  Since she was up to date on her vaccines, it really helped her bounce back a lot faster.

101 List update

I've been meaning to update my 101 in 1001 list, but just haven't got around to it.  There are quite a few things to cross off...

6. Go fishing with Chris
We fished off the pier on our anniversary vacation in May.
12. Go on a 2 night vacation at the coast with Chris
Completed here.
31. Have our giant wedding picture framed
It is framed, just need to get it hung on the wall.
38. Decorate the front bathroom
I really need to do a whole post on this, because I think it turned out awesome!
52. Buy more ewes from Fresno State
We bought one more a few months ago.  She was implanted and put in with the buck in May.  Hoping for some fall babies out of her.
77. Cull 5 ewes that aren't producing as they should
Oh we culled more than that because we spent some money on some better ewes.
83. Make jam from fruit that I grew
I made strawberry freezer jam this past friday.  If i had made it from fruit that I grew, I would have about 1 tablespoon of jam.  One strawberry just doesn't cut it.

88. Plant summer garden
This has been done for a while now.
99. Plant more flowers in the front
The whole front flower bed is full of mums.  Most of them are either in full bloom or almost blooming.  I can't wait till they are big enough and fill in the whole flower bed.

Wow, I have completed more things than I thought!

Do you have a 101 in 1001 one list, or maybe something similar??

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