101 List update

I've been meaning to update my 101 in 1001 list, but just haven't got around to it.  There are quite a few things to cross off...

6. Go fishing with Chris
We fished off the pier on our anniversary vacation in May.
12. Go on a 2 night vacation at the coast with Chris
Completed here.
31. Have our giant wedding picture framed
It is framed, just need to get it hung on the wall.
38. Decorate the front bathroom
I really need to do a whole post on this, because I think it turned out awesome!
52. Buy more ewes from Fresno State
We bought one more a few months ago.  She was implanted and put in with the buck in May.  Hoping for some fall babies out of her.
77. Cull 5 ewes that aren't producing as they should
Oh we culled more than that because we spent some money on some better ewes.
83. Make jam from fruit that I grew
I made strawberry freezer jam this past friday.  If i had made it from fruit that I grew, I would have about 1 tablespoon of jam.  One strawberry just doesn't cut it.

88. Plant summer garden
This has been done for a while now.
99. Plant more flowers in the front
The whole front flower bed is full of mums.  Most of them are either in full bloom or almost blooming.  I can't wait till they are big enough and fill in the whole flower bed.

Wow, I have completed more things than I thought!

Do you have a 101 in 1001 one list, or maybe something similar??

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