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#61.  Teach Caylob 5 signs
Having a child learn sign language is amazing.  Not only is it so cool to teach it to them, but it allows them to be able to communicate before they are able to talk.  It teaches them to use their words instead of screaming or screeching for what they want.  He doesn't get to eat by just screaming.  He needs to use the words that the knows.  "Eat, please"  He doesn't get to scream or throw things on the floor when he is done eating.  He uses his words, "all done".  Not only does it help him communicate, but it sets boundaries.  He knows what he can and can't do.

This kid is so fun and so smart!  It takes him about 5 minutes of repeatedly doing a sign with him for him to learn it!  His mom taught him 'thank you'.  One day when he went home, he didn't know it.  He came back the next day signing 'thank you' when you ask him to.  

Smart. I tell ya!

I was finally able to get a video of him doing all his signs.  He knows 6 now and uses them regularly.  He was sitting on my lap yesterday after he woke up from his nap.  Started signing 'eat' with one hand, and evidently I didn't get up quick enough because he started signing it with both hands at the same time.  In other words "woman, get off your butt and get be something to eat!" :)
Well, either blogger won't let me upload a video right now or our $69.95/month internet isn't working correctly...once again.

But, Caylob knows these signs: "please", "thank you", "more", "all done", "eat", and "help"

He uses most of them correctly 90% of the time.  When he is really excited or really wants something he either uses both hands or just signs everything hoping to get his point across.

Here he is in all of his glory after his nap a couple days ago.

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Country Gal said...

Thats awesome he is learning so much ! He is a cute little guy ! Have a great day !

Dawson Cattle Company said...

thats so cool. our daughter who is 9 is wanting to learn. so we are going to talk to a neighbor about teaching her. I LOVE that belly. it makes you want to squish it and kiss on it. i miss baby bellies.
the jeans i wore in our photos are Rock 47. i love those and Tuffs. I have a 35 inch inseam so i have to find something for my long stems.. have a great day!

Sarah said...

Great! I have always wandered if teaching signs to babies works. I think it is such an amazing idea! Glad it works and makes life easier for everyone.

Oh, and did you see my sister replied to your questions about the antibiotics for sick cattle?

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