#85 & #93...CHECK!

85. Get rid of car payment
I bought my lovely little Korean car in August of 2008.  I then owned two vehicles.  Well, I owned one and the bank owned the other and was letting me borrow it.  My other vehicle, that I bought right before I moved here and started college, is a 1997 Ford F-250 4x4 with the turbo diesel.  Polar opposites!  I bought the car when diesel was almost $5 a gallon. As a poor college student, it was cheaper for me to make a car payment on a car that got 35 mpg, and park the truck until it was needed, than for me to pay for a crap-ton of diesel.  Anyways, we still have the truck.  Love that thing even though we have been having a lot of problems with it lately.  

We decided that it was time to pay off the car, so we could have a little extra money each month, so that is what I did last week.  I should frame the receipt.  Paid off 2 1/2 years early!!

93. Throw a party
We had to celebrate me being married to an old fart now! :)  We had a party the week after his birthday because we were supposed to be at a jackpot show the weekend of his birthday.  I'm kind of bummed that I didn't really take any pictures.  It was a ton of fun tho.  We had a bunch of our friends over for a BBQ and drinks...and CUPCAKES!

68 to be exact.  I think there were more than that, but I couldn't get Chris & James to stop eating them while I was trying to frost them.

I stayed up till 11 frosting cupcakes the night before.  All. made. from. scratch.  Including the buttercream frosting! Red velvet and chocolate.  All from PW.  Love her!

It was fun to hang out with everyone.  We hadn't been together with everyone since the wedding, so it was great to see everyone again.  

After most people left, there was some of us that just hung around the fire pit and drank some more margaritas!

I was exhausted the next day, but it was sooo worth it.

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