Spring is in the air!

Been super busy, but I promise to get more posts in this week.

My parents came to visit this past Saturday (they live about 2 hrs north) and they helped us get some stuff cleaned up around the yards.  We had a serious burn barrel going and got a lot cleaned up.  It looks a little better around here.  Thanks dad & mom!!

Chris spent most of the day saturday on the tractor doing field work.  Trying to get caught up.  He would have got a lot farther if the disc hadn't broke down.  Something always happens.

He texted me this picture tonight.  From the couch.  Spring is definitely here!  Not that we really had much of a winter, unfortunately.

It took me a minute to figure out what is was.  I guess I've never seen a budding grapevine this up close and personal :)

Let's just pray it doesn't freeze now.

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