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In the 7 months that we have been married, we have not watched a single movie on DVD.  Not because we didn't have a DVD player, but because the TWO that we had, didn't work.  I have watched some Redbox movies on my computer, but that just isn't much fun.  My workouts are done in front of my laptop that sits on the couch.  High-class and high-tech, that's what we are. 

Last month my parents asked what they could get us for Christmas...A DVD PLAYER!!  They chose to get us a gift card to Best Buy.  Perfect!!  I love gift cards.  

Tonight we made the 25 minute trek to Best Buy.  Now, neither of us really know anything about this type of technology.  I wasn't in the mindset to have a sales guy try and talk me into the $900 blue ray player that could cook you dinner and mop your floors and play a move at the same time.  As enticing as that sounds, the gift card was for less than $900.  I lied.  I probably would pay that much for something that made dinner and mopped my floors.  I called my brother in law, who is the techno guru in the family.  By a million miles.  He explained to us different options, dvd player vs blue ray vs streaming whatever.  I kind of understood.

Got into Best Buy.  Looked around.  Had NO idea what we were looking at.  We are pathetic.  I know.

Found a sales guy, and he was probably the most helpful person I've ever met it a big chain store like that.  Home Depot is the worst!!  There was no pushing of which ones to buy, just explaining the benefits of certain aspects and the differences between different machines.  It was actually kind of nice.  It's always nice when I don't get irritated.  :)

We ended up leaving the store with a blue ray player that will hook up to our wi-fi, play 3-d movies (if we ever get a 3-d tv), and can stream movies and shows off of Netflix, Hulu and like a bajillion other companies that you can use view stuff on your tv.  It even says it hooks up to facebook.  Don't know how, nor do I really care.  Now this machine can probably do more things than I will EVER understand, but hey, it's time to get out of the stone ages.  

We ended up getting the player, the hook up cord, and 2 movies that were on sale (Blazing Saddles & Sandlot) (they were Chris's choices) and we only had to pay $17.  Pretty amazing!

So thanks mom & dad for our new blue ray player.  Now I just have to figure out how to use it :)

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Country Gal said...
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Country Gal said...

We live in the country but Papa and I have all the technolagy ,PS 3 , DVD , Ipod, Computers and lap tops he used to build computers and websites and is a wiz at them him self and has always liked electronics ! A geek in all that , I am lucky Papa is a handy man and a builds it man as well ! Hope you enjoy your new electronic gadget ! Have a Happy New Year !

AngelaRose said...

Pretty cool! You're ahead of me. I just buy the $30 players- but the one in the bedroom IS kinda loud, you can hear it spinning the DVD. Someday when I have a nice house I'll spend some money on something a little better. But for now, the one works. (And I only have this one because the player on my VHS/DVD combo quit)

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