Welome to the world!!

Our very good friends Darrel and Jamie are the parents of this sweet boy.  Last March, they announced that Jamie was due in December.  Last Saturday night, I had the privilege of being in her delivery room to welcome miss Shyanne Elizabeth to the world!

Stats: 8 lbs 9 oz 20" long.  She is perfectly healthy and Jamie was in labor for only 3 hours.  Amazing!  She is so sweet and looks just like DJ when he was born.

Here she is!

Mom & Baby
Sucking her thumb
Daddy holding Shyanne for the first time
Grandma meeting her first granddaughter
I got home from the hospital around 1:30 Sunday morning.  Got some sleep and then Darrel brought this little munchkin over to hang out with us until they were able to bring Shyanne home from the hospital.

We absolutely love him!

DJ & I before we headed out to dinner

After dinner we got the phone call that they had made it home, so we gathered his stuff and headed over there.  Thank goodness it takes about 2 minutes to drive to their house because DJ was sooo excited to see his mommy and daddy, he couldn't hardly hold still in his carseat.  He was so concerned the whole time they were gone because as we showed him pictures of his baby sister, he saw the IV's in mommy's hand and thought she was hurt.  He is so tender hearted, it's so sweet.

DJ meeting Shyanne for the first time.  He's still not too sure about her, but he'll get there.
Chris holding Shyanne.  I think it looks good on him ;) 

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Dawson Cattle Company said...

oh babies! so much fun! congratulations...

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