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Things are progressing!  2-3 weeks after picking (depending on the weather conditions) the grapes should have turned in to full fledged raisins and are ready to be rolled and boxed.  They started rolling at our home place yesterday and are finishing today.  Within the next couple days, they will drive the tractor and trailer up and down all the rows and throw all the raisins in the bins to be shipped to the packer.  

These people that work in the fields bust their rear ends to get stuff done.  Chris told me today that a good 'roller guy' can roll about 4,000 trays in one day.  Now remember these trays are on the ground, and so that requires them to be bent over all. day. long.  I couldn't imagine.  FOUR THOUSAND TRAYS, people.  I couldn't believe it when Chris told me.  I'd probably get about 10 done before I called it a day.  Seriously, I am a wimp when it comes to working in the heat.


Not that exciting, but holy crap, that's a lot of work.

These are empty, but in the next couple days they'll be full and on their way outta here!

Each bin holds 1,000 lbs of raisins.  There are 48 bins there...oatmeal raisin cookies anyone??

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Farmchick said...

That is really interesting...I love learning how people do things on their farms in different parts of the US and world too!! Thanks so much for linking up to my Farm Photo Friday and my new recipe swap. :) You asked how to put one of my buttons on my page? I can explain it to you....I will post another comment with the directions!! Thanks for stopping by!

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