Nasty shag carpet? I think NOT!

Things are a little slow around here this week.  They are picking the other 2 properties and the grapes here at our house are just doin their thing, and laying in the sun.  Doesn't make for an exciting post, that's for sure.

So, the next improvement on the house was the flooring.  Ooohhhh...the flooring.  Let me tell you, it was nasty!  All the original flooring.  Green shag carpet and all.  The previous owners had renters in the house for 18 years, and their animals too.  Let me just tell you that years of dog smell and cat pee in the carpet doesn't make for a nice aroma.

In the beginning, Chris was convinced we were going to be able to wait on replacing the flooring until we couldn't handle it any more.  Well, I was already to that point.  No way I was going to live in a house that smelled like it did.  But, to help prove to him that it was not salvageable, we went through AT LEAST a dozen canisters on the vacuum cleaner, full of pet hair.  It was quite lovely, if you could imagine.  Now me, being very much anti-pet hair, that was proof in itself that there was no way we were going to get it all out of the carpet.  It just grosses me out for some reason.  And I think we went through at least 6 canisters of carpet deodorizer.  You know that powder you can sprinkle on the carpet and let it sit for a couple hours...or a couple days and then vacuum it up?  Yeah that didn't help either.  So Chris finally caved and we went carpet shopping :)

Would you want to keep this?  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't the shag carpet itself.  I grew up on brown and orange shag in the living room and yellow shag in the bedrooms...but it was clean.  THAT is the key.  Clean.  Not nasty and filled with pet hair and pee stains.

Brown shag in master
It doesn't look green, but this is green shag in the living room
Living room & dining room
Kitchen with the linoleum.  
Ripping out the carpet :)
Kitchen & Dining room after the carpet was ripped out

And now the glorious after photos

 The hallway that previously had green shag

 Dining room and kitchen-no more green shag or linoleum

 New carpet in the living room

 New carpet in the master bedroom

oh look, he does do floors :)

The two spare bedrooms got new carpet as well.  The only flooring that didn't get replaced was both bathrooms and the laundry room.  The linoleum isn't in too bad of shape, so those rooms can wait.

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Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Hardwood floors are so much better! And they look SO much nice! :) Well done... My hubs doesn't know how to use the Swiffer... haha!

The Coolidges said...

Yes, i love the laminate flooring we had put in. But let me tell you, i sure shows the dust! I feel like i always have to sweep. Don't feel bad, i think he was still trying to impress me because that pic was taken before we got married...i think he's only used it once, maybe twice since then :)

kousalya said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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