Rain Rain Go Away!

Harvest has officially started! 

 These pictures are pretty self explanatory.  Use the knife to cut the grapes off the vines.  Never pull them off because too many grapes end up on the ground.  As you can see, our vines at our home are tall enough for them to walk in to.  However, the vines at Chris's parent's house are much shorter, so they have to kneel in the dirt and pick.

They have pans with them that they put the grapes in when they are cutting them off the vine, and when they fill up the pan, they turn around and dump it on the tray behind them.

As you can see in the the last picture, when they are finished dumping their pan, they get the trays ready for the next pan that they are going to dump.

Each of our rows are using about 200 trays, so it takes a while for one person to pick a row.  The pickers are paid per tray, not sure what the price is this year but in years past it has been $.25-$.27 per tray.  It adds up pretty quickly, and a good picker can make decent money.

Once they are done with a row, it will look like this.

The object is for them to get as many grapes on the tray as possible, and these trays are pretty full.  

Let the drying begin!

Just pray for no rain, that's all we really ask for!

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