One of many transformations

We will start harvest on Monday, now.  Since Central California has a storm coming in, with a 40-60% chance of rain, Chris didn't want to risk the grapes getting rained on after being picked, so we're gonna wait till the storm passes.  A good rain while the grapes are drying on the ground has the potential to completely ruin that season's crop, and that makes for a VERY upset farmer.  

So, while there isn't too much going on around the farm this weekend, I'm going tell you a little about our house.  Papers were finalized in March of this year on a place with a ranch style house that was built in the early 60's, on 10 acres.  About 8 of it is planted in vines and the other two consist of the open land around our house and the 'pasture' area around the barn.  

When we bought the home, pretty sure EVERYTHING in it was 'the original'.  The carpet, the linoleum, paint, windows and i'm pretty sure the kitchen cupboards hadn't been cleaned since the house was built.  

So when blogging times are slow, I will show you little pieces of our home that we have changed over the past 6 months.  First, Chris & I, with the help of my parents, painted the ENTIRE interior of the house.  Now that was quite the chore.  The walls were white, but didn't look white because of the years of wear and tear.  So they are all now 'Seaside Sand'.  I wanted some color in our bedroom, so this is what we did:

The inside of our closet

The north wall of our bedroom (don't worry, we completely finished it)

I know, paint isn't all that exciting, but just know for the next post that the ugly nasty brown, shag carpet that you see didn't last :)

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