Wow, I sucked at that!

So I lasted all of a week.  Sad.  Between our big ag booster fundraiser, allergies & being non-stop busy around here, sitting in front of the computer really hasn't been an option around here.

I have lots of pics to upload of things that have been going on around here. 

Garden is just about all planted.

All weeds in the vineyards have been sprayed.

The vines are now getting sprayed every 14 days, to prevent fungus, until the grapes start to soften which is around July or so.

We are approaching our one year anniversary in a week and a half.  So crazy.

I need to hire someone just to do the laundry.

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Dawson Cattle Company said...

sounds busy and wonderful! take a breath and take it all in...have a great rest of the week!

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