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So I originally got this idea from my sister and decided to try it with the 1 year old boy that I watch.

This stuff is great for all ages!  DJ (4 yrs) & Caylob (1 yr) both LOVED playing with it.  All it is a 8 parts flour and 1 part baby oil.  The 2 lb bag of flour from Wal Mart cost me all of $.98 and it was 6 cups worth.  The baby oil was like $1.38 or something, and I only used 3/4 cup, and I bought a plastic shoe box for $.98 to store it in.  So all in all, this 'toy' cost me about $2.50 because a majority of the baby oil is still left.  And plus it smells like lavender & stores really good!

When you run your fingers through it, it feels like flour.  Totally soft and fluffy, but when you squeeze it, it is totally moldable.  And then just breaks apart back in to fluffy goodness.  I even enjoyed playing with it.

Here are some pics from the project.

I promise, he really did like it.

Don't you just want eyelashes like his?? I know I do!

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Ellen said...

I am pretty sure that I just pinned this same recipe recently! Guess I'll have to move it up on our list of to-do's! Boys love messes, even better when they hose off so nicely.... :)

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