First round of water

A few weeks ago started the first round of water.  As I've stated before, starting about a month ago and going into October is our busiest part of the year!  With all the spraying, discing, furrowing, spraying, irrigating, spraying, irrigating, picking, drying, packing, etc, etc, there is alot to do!  Also, in July, starts showmanship practice with the kids at the high school & that goes into the 2nd week in October when the fair starts.  Summer vacations are not on our list!

I went out and 'helped' Chris irrigate last week.  Got some cool shots.

Saggy pants

What the grapes look like this time of year


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Loving Lola said...

great pics! love your farm life : )

Dawson Cattle Company said...

oh i love that sunset. you sound super busy.. take time to breathe!

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