How it all happened

A continuation from earlier...

After 24 hours of contractions 2-4 minutes apart with NO EPIDURAL, I finally caved at 6:00pm on the 22nd and got the epidural.  I got as far as a 7 by 1:00 the next morning (Thursday, remember I went in on TUESDAY!) & they gave me the option of a c-section or to keep going.  I opted to keep going.  I DID NOT want a c-section.  Three hours later I was checked again & I had progressed 1/2 cm.  Seriously??  The kid was coming out face-up and his shoulders were coming out at an angle.  So, at 4:30am on the 23rd we opted for a c-section.  I felt like a total failure.  I was completely worn out and couldn't even fathom the idea of pushing for several hours and still ending up in a c-section because of how he was positioned.  Plus, because of my pre-eclampsia they were drawing my blood every 45 minutes to test my liver enzymes and those were rapidly rising, so the best thing was just to get him out.

Because my blood pressure was fluctuating so much, I was put on Magnesium Sulfate when I got the epidural at 6:00 on Wednesday night.  That stuff seriously messes you up!  They have to regulate your fluid intake so it doesn't dilute the medication, so even though my mouth felt like I was chewing on 100 cotton balls I was allowed 1/4 cup of ice chips every 2 hours.  It was a.w.f.u.l.!

So, back to the c-section.  I tell you what, it was the weirdest thing to be completely numb like that and still awake.  I almost had a anxiety attack because I couldn't move.  I'm very claustrophobic, so having the drape in my face and not being able to feel anything was crazy!

On to the good part, cuz this is what people really want to see... :)
At 5:37am on January 23rd, we welcomed out 7lb 8 oz baby boy into the world.
We call him Zachary Hunter
Even though my labor and delivery totally sucked, I wouldn't have traded it to not have him here with us.  Everything I went through was more than 100% worth it!!

Chris was taking pictures from across the room since he was still sitting next to me
Daddy cutting the cord
As you can see, he was NOT a nice round headed, c-section baby.  He tried to come out the right way but couldn't figure it out :)
He was way more alert than I was!
Laying in between my legs in the recovery room.  Since I hadn't slept or eaten in almost 48 hours I was so out of it after his delivery.  I couldn't even hold him I was so weak, so he just laid in my lap wide awake.  I ended up taking an hour nap in recovery before this picture was even taken.

Chris's mom with her FIRST grandchild :)

My parents with their 4th grandchild and 4th grandSON!
Our first picture as a family of 3!  Do we look tired at all?
Good morning world!-1 day old 
His going home outfit...can you tell daddy picked it out?

Well, that's our story.  Kind of long, but it was LONG!!

Get ready for loads of pictures from here on out!

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Angela said...

Can't wait to meet him! Congratulations again!!!

Sarah Schwall said...

Congrats!! No matter how much your delivery sucked having that cute little man in your arms is worth it I'm sure! I wanted to take the Bradley course but didn't - guess I'll see what my labor brings! Wish me luck!!

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