Spring brings lots of changes!

Wow.  I cant' believe my last post was announcing my pregnancy!
Oh how time flies.

I think I was about 13-15 weeks at the time & I had great intentions of blogging about my whole pregnancy, but I was pretty sick the first 22 weeks or so and then I had a couple of weeks of feeling pretty good,
then it came back for another 4 weeks.

We had a scare of preterm labor at 32 weeks and I was put on bed rest for a week then moved to modified bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy.  At 36 weeks my blood pressure starting getting higher, but not consistently, so I went through a ton of different tests & at 39 weeks they confirmed I had pre-eclampsia & I needed to be induced that day.  So to the hospital we went on January 21st.  UGH!!

We had taken a 12 week Bradley class on natural childbirth...and I just saw all of that going out the window.
But the most important thing was keep me and baby safe.

But, to save you from a long post on my first day back...I will leave you with these...my little, squishy baby

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Alica said...

Aww...he's precious! Congratulations!
(and January 21 is a good day to be born...our daughter was born that day!)

Sarah said...

That 1st picture is my favorite!! Such a handsome little country boy!!

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