Distracted & Some Family Pictures

I have sat down several times in the past few weeks with an intention to blog, but there always seems to be a reason it just doesn't work out.  Either Caylob wakes up from his nap & wants to eat or play or go outside and see the 'mama seep" or another load of laundry needs to be moved along before I forget, someone calls...and now 15 minutes later I'm back.  Chris just called me to come outside and brainstorm with him as to how we are going to try and fix our [already falling apart] back fence that the dog has figured out how to escape out of.  See what I mean :)


Our Christmas present to Chris's Grandma was a group picture of all her grandchildren, including their spouses and her great grandchildren.

So...there's 14 total and it's pretty hard to get 14 people & 5 different families together at the same time and same place.  The Sunday after Christmas seemed to work for everyone.  We met at a central location that was going to have a nice background.  To be honest, I didn't know how it was going to all work out, but we ended up having a pretty good time!

Here we all are...

This is the silly one...we did take a serious on too, but this one is more fun!
Just the cousins
The hubby & I
For Christmas I had asked my parents for Photoshop Elements.  I don't take a ton of pictures, but the ones that I do take, I don't want to have to send them to my sister for her to edit them and then send them back.  So I've been playing around with my new software for a few weeks now and it is amazing!  I haven't mastered it yet and there is a lot of "undo's", but it's fun to play around with.

The original picture from my Canon Rebel T2i of the silly cousin picture is this...

And after...

Just from a few experimental changes, the colors look more vibrant and not so dull and cloudy looking.

I have a lot more to figure out, but it's been fun learning and experimenting.

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