December Birthdays

For some reason, a lot of people we love were born in December.  My dad, our good friend's two kids, my wonderful cousin, Chris's dad, myself and of couse...Jesus! March was a popular month, evidently... ;)

So along with Christmas, we have a lot of other purchasing to do.

DJ & Shyanne belong to good friends of ours.  They call us aunt & uncle and we love them dearly.

Shyanne turned 1 on Dec. 10th.  I can't believe it has been a year already, considering I was in the delivery room with her mama late that night and into the early morning.  

She is just the sweetest little girl.  So easy to care for...except when she's tired...and just loves to do everything with her brother.

1st birthday parties are always fun to go to and hers was definitely all about girls!

Her brother's birthday was 11 days later, just 4 days before Christmas.  

Our December is full of parties, so it's a busy month for us...but we love it!

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