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We have huge, blank walls in our living, so I’m trying to figure how to fill that empty space.  Now that I know we will have our wedding pictures in a couple weeks, I want to get started so we can put something up asap!  The wall above our couch, which is the largest wall in the living room, is where I want to put our family pictures from the wedding.  I’d like to put up the word “Family” somewhere on the wall, but I’m not sure how I want it to look.  A few months ago I saw a whole wall collage set up at Bed bath & Beyond that had the word “Family” with about 10 pictures frames, and I should have bought it when I saw it because they no longer carry it.  Booo!  There are some out there, but I want separate pictures frames, not all in one frame.  We have a whole wall to fill & one small collage frame would look ridiculous!
Yesterday I was looking around online and these are the things I’m thinking of…
This pictures is off of a shop at etsy.com, hereI may not end up putting it on this wall, but I still love it and may buy it anyways for somewhere else in the house. 

Now, this idea is probably what i will go with.  It's super easy & I think this has a cost of $41.009(ish), depending on the word.  However, we have a TON of old bard wood out behind our barn that would make perfect pieces of wood for this project.  I can find something to hang them from, or even put door knobs straight into the wall.  If I do it myself, then I customize it the way I want it, and I'm guess I can do it for less than $41.  I have turned into the master of spray painting. :)

Now, the maker of the sign in the first picture has some a.m.a.z.i.n.g. signs that she creates on pieces of wood.  Most of them are with vinyl lettering, and I'm not ready to try that yet, so this may be my next purchase, here.

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