New Stove Top-YAY!!

We had a busy Saturday this weekend.  It started off with going out to breakfast because this is what was pulled out of our kitchen last TUESDAY. 

Yes, this is one I've been cooking on for a MONTH.  Isn't it lovely.  There was really only one burner that worked correctly.  The others would heat up, but they either set too far down in the hole to where it didn't heat up the pot, or the burner sat so high that the pot or pan almost fell off.  Thank you to Chris's best man's parents who bought us a new stove top for our wedding present.  The person that was supposed to come and install it had an extra busy week at work, so he wasn't able to come over last week.  So here is Chris installing it.

Ta-daaaaa!! Isn't it beautiful??  AND all four burners work like they are supposed to!!!

I will be back later with the rest of our involves sheep, loading, hauling & vaccinating.

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