Trip to San Diego

**Did anyone else's pageviews get completely deleted?  I haven't signed in in a few weeks, and tonight I noticed that I have 1 pageview.  Last time I checked I had over 8,000.**

About a month ago I headed down to just north of San Diego to watch my two nephews for the weekend.  My sister and brother in law had a wedding to shoot down there and needed a babysitter.  They forced me to go.  I hate when that happens.

I just uploaded a bunch of pictures off my camera last week and forgot that I never posted the pictures of them.

Friday night we all went and had dinner on the beach, which was super fun!  Saturday morning we were kind of in a rush to get ready since the shower head flew off the wall when we turned on the water and water was spraying everywhere.  Then we had to wait for the maintenance guy come fix it before any of us could shower.  That was fun, too.

Then the boys and I headed to the duck pond so they could get ready to go to their wedding.

Duck Pond.  Lunch at In-n-Out.  Naps. Dinner at Pizza Hut.  Desert at Yogurtland.

Throwing bread to the ducks

Two finger sucker

Not exactly sure what he was doing in this picture, but it made me laugh

Nothing like chocolate yogurt and sour worms
Next post will be all about the fair.  We just finished our week long county fair, and boy was it a great week!  So proud of "our" kids!!

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