This week

It's been a busy week and it's only Wednesday.  Our mornings are packed with running errands and doing yard work, usually all before 10:30 in the morning.  Today it's supposed to be 103 and it's already 86 and it's only 9:15.  Yikes!!

So far this week...

...Peach/plum freezer jam
Made a small batch because I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out.  Not super impressed with the way that it set, but it tastes good.  I'm going to switch back to Sure-Jell instead of using the Ball instant pectin.  Just doesn't work as well.

...Showmanship practice at our local high school
3 of the lambs are ours, the rest are from 2 other local breeders.  Almost 1/2 of the students are incoming freshman, and for only having had 3 practices so far, they are doing pretty good.  Chris is critiquing each of them individually in the picture.  He runs showmanship classes and I work with them individually to fine tune bracing, hand and body placement on the student and leg placement on the lambs.

...Weeding the front yard
Our actual front yard is looking really good.  The grass is green, mums are blooming.  This is our half circle driveway.  Looks awful.  We can only weed in the morning because it's just too blasted hot to do it any other time of the day.  Slowly but surely it will all get cleaned up.

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Dana said...

Yummy jam! I think its awesome you guys take time to give back to the local high school. :)

Country Gal said...

August is the hottest month of the summer for us . I can bare to find out how hot this year as we have already made heat wave records and drought ! Your jam sounds YUMMY ! That's great the kids get involved with these 4H club type things still , may the best sheep win ! Have a good day !

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