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Well, our lives have changed a lot in the past 3 days.  I got laid off from from job on Friday.  Most of you will have the initial reaction of feeling sorry for me, but really it is a huge blessing.  Without going into too much detail, the situation at my work was way more stress and heartache than it was worth.  Yes, the pay was nice, and that is the biggest downfall about this....we now have to stick to a budget.  However, allowing me the freedom of not getting yelled at every day for whatever problem he was having that day, makes up for the lack of a steady paycheck.  I now have some time to get the house arranged the way I want it and to just relax from the stress that I have been put under for the past 19 months.  NINETEEN MONTHS I have put up with him.  I'm kind of proud of myself for not giving up.  I finally got him to tell me that it really comes down to him having to make cuts because he is running the business on borrowed money.  He just can't afford me.  I was the one and only bookkeeper in this company.  I kept track of all the income, the bills, I billed all our clients, kept track of all the commission that needed to be paid out to all our sales people and I ran all the payroll.  Makes sense to me that the first cut that is made is the one that handles all the bookkeeping.  But that's just him. his decisions don't make sense.  After years of screwing clients out of money and making other people fix the problems he has created, it will come back to bite him in the rear-end.  Eventually.  

For the people that still work there.  I have become friends with them.  They are all great people, and I feel that everyone that works for this man is a saint.  We are thankful for the jobs that he has given us, however to be treated like crap on the bottom of his shoe, day in and day out, is not worth a million dollars.  

I walked away with no hard feelings.  He is who he his and it will never change.  It was 19 months of working for a bipolor, multi personality man that has no idea how to run a business.  It is really unfortunate because there are dozens of clients that are suffering because he is too money hungry to even care that what he is doing to so way beyond wrong.  I'm glad my name is not associated with his business any longer.  I wish everyone else there the best of luck, and I hope you continue to get paid.

When God closes a window, he opens a yet much bigger door!   

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