Perfect Christmas card holder!

So the past couple of years, the Christmas cards that we've gotten have ended up in a stack on the coffee table or somewhere during the Christmas season.  What a terrible way to display them when people spend so much time putting them together and mailing them out.

I saw a pin on pinterest several months ago and just couldn't resist making it this year.  A great way to showcase all the awesome cards from the people we love the most!  The original post was just to use it as a decoration to hang it on the wall, but I thought it was a great idea to pin cards to.

First you will need: a foam board, I got mine from good ol' Wal-Mart, 3/4 of a yard of any material that floats your boat, hot glue & gun, ribbon or rafia to hang it with & push pins.

I glued one end down and then pulled the other end as tight as possible and glued it down.  Then I folded to corners down like I was wrapping a present so the material wouldn't bunch up.  Then glued one side down and stretched and glued the other side, making the material fit tight around the foam board.

I had some rafia, so I glued that to the back of the board.  Make sure you glue it well so it doesn't pull off when you hang it on the wall.  

 I also had some extra ornaments that I bought at the Dollar Tree last year for a pinterest project that was a major fail.  Just a little extra something.

And voila!  A cute card holder that I can pin all our Christmas cards to.  It's hanging in our living room for everyone to see!

I am really surprised that I actually love how it turned out.  That never happens when I get crafty!

Now, we just need more Christmas cards...

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Alica said...

Nice!! This is a festive way to display your cards! After Christmas is over, I cut out the pictures cards of our friends and arrange them on a bulletin board to display them all year, and at the end of the year, the photos go in my photo album.

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